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Plenary Council 2020
Posted by admin - 13/08/18 03:22PM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5


What is a Plenary Council? Why a Plenary Council?

A Plenary Council is a formal meeting of the bishops and other representatives of all the dioceses and eparchies of the Catholic Church in Australia. Its purpose is to discern what God is asking of us in Australia at this present time. While the church should be asking that question continually, a Plenary Council is a particularly graced instrument for seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. And it has the authority to make church laws on the results of its discernment.

Although in the end it will be the bishops who will vote on any future directions for the church in Australia, they will be making those decisions in the light of a long listening to the Holy Spirit speaking through the voices of any of the faithful who wish to speak around Australia. This makes the Plenary Council 2020 different from the last one in 1937. Everyone has a chance to participate and to express whatever the Spirit is saying to them in their heart.

You can have your say on the Planary Council and find further informaion on the website: Have-Your-Say/


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St Josephs Parish Celebrates the Childrens First Eucharist
Posted by admin - 01/06/18 06:53PM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

ImageCongratulations to all the children and families celebrating their First Eucharist this weekend.

May they be blessed as they join all of us around the Lord's Table to be in communion with Jesus Christ and one another.

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Plenary Council Called for 2020
Posted by admin - 19/05/18 07:03AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Click Image to go to Plenary Council site.

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Sunshine Coast Youth Rally
Posted by admin - 12/04/18 08:38AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Reflection on the Wounds of Christ
Posted by admin - 10/04/18 07:07AM - - 1/52/53/54/55/5

May the Christ who walks

on wounded feet

walk with you on the road.

May the Christ who serves

with wounded hands

stretch out your hands to serve.

May the Christ who loves

with a wounded heart

open your hearts to love.

May you see the face of Christ

in everyone you meet,

and may everyone you meet

see the face of Christ in you.


(Traditional Celtic Prayer)

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