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Parish Information and Mass Times

Lent & Easter 2020

Reconciliation Liturgy for Lent 2020 will be held on Wednesday 18th March at 7.00pm.

Stations of the Cross will be held on the Fridays of Lent beginning Friday 6th March at 5.00pm.

Individual Reconciliation for Easter

  • Saturday 4th April 10am
  • Saturday 4th April 4pm-5pm
  • Monday 6th April 8.30am
  • Wednesday 17th April 9am-9.45am
  • Wednesday 17th April 10.30am-11am

  • Holy Week Liturgies at St Joseph's 2020

    • Holy Thursday 9th April:
    • Mass of the Lord's Supper at 7.00 pm.

    • Good Friday 10th April:
    • Stations of the Cross: 10.00am
    • Celebration of the Lord's Passion: 3.00pm

    • Easter Vigil Mass 11th April:
    • 7.00pm. The Service of Light with the Easter Fire.
    • Easter Sunday Mass 12th April: 8.00am only.
    • Easter Sunday Mass Kenilworth 12th April: 10.00am.

    Weekend Mass Times at St Joseph's Nambour

    • Saturday Vigil at 6.00 pm.
    • Sunday 7.00 am and 9.00 am.
    • The Hospitality Ministry provides tea, coffee and much cake after each Mass.

    Weekend Mass Times at St John Bosco Church, Kenilworth

    • Third Sunday of each Month 11.00am
    • Check with Parish Office for changes 5441 1034
    • On other Sundays of each Month there is a Lay Led Liturgy at 9.00am
    • At St John Bosco Church, Anne St, Kenilworth.

    • Weekend Mass Times at Palmwoods

      • Fourth Sunday of each Month except December at 5.30pm
      • NB: There will be NO Mass during December 2020 at Palmwoods
      • We gather at St Augustine's Anglican Church, 13 Hill St, Palmwoods.
      • Bring something for a shared meal afterwards.
      • No Mass Christmas Day. See St Joseph's times.

      Children's Liturgy

      A special Liturgy of the Word is provided for children during the 6.00pm, 7.00am and 9.00am Masses at St Joseph's, except during School Holidays.
      Volunteers take the children from the beginning of Mass and they return to their families for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

      Sacrament of Reconciliation

        First Rite:
      Saturdays: 4.30 pm.
      Wednesdays: 9.30 am (before the 10.00 am Mass)
        Second Rite:
      During Advent and Lent a communal rite is celebrated. Times will be announced a few weeks in advance.

      Sacraments of Initiation

      Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

      Please contact the Parish Office for details. 5441 1034 or go to the following links:

      Infant Baptism 

       First Eucharist 

      First Reconciliation

      First Reconciliation preparation takes place in Lent each year. See this link for details: First Reconciliation.

      Impact Youth Group

      St Josephs Impact Youth Group meet in the Ryan Room on most Friday afternoons from 4.00pm to 6.00pm during School Terms. The young people are asked to bring $5 to provide a meal. Usually Pizza!. Contact the Parish Office for more details. The group has a Facebook page on this link: Impact Youth


      St Josephs Playgroup is in recess at present.


      The Parish has two Columbarium Walls and Memorial Wall. For information about the Columbarium you can download the brochure here:

      Welfare Agencies in Nambour

      Details of seven agencies offering help to those in need can be found here: WELFARE AGENCIES

      "Helping Hands"

      We now have a list of people who have made themselves available to do odd jobs (replacing tap washers, light bulbs, etc) as well as driving, cooking.....
      So, if these types of jobs get beyond you due to illness, age or any family difficulty, please just pick up the phone and call the Parish Office on 5441 1034.


      Would you like to gather a group of people to share a meal and prayer? Several families do it already.
      This is a simple way of sharing our faith and supporting one another in it.
      It also helps us to be aware of our baptismal vocation to share the Gospel.
      You can download a suggested format here (sorry, no recipe!):
      Prayer for Home Meal Gatherings


      You are invited to register on the Parish Census.
      Please download the Census Card

      You are also invited to become a member of the Planned Giving Program.
      A Pledge Card can be downloaded here:

      Parish Office

      • Office Hours:
        Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
        from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm.
        Closed Tuesday.
        Phone: 07 5441 1034.
        Fax: 07 5441 7632

      The following people can be contacted through the Parish Office:


      • Pastoral Council:
      • The Pastoral Council is in recess at present.
      • Youth Ministry: Chris Lysaght
      • Liturgy Committee: Maureen Murphy
      • Liturgical Music: Darlene Malone
      • Servers: Maureen Murphy
      • Readers: Maureen Murphy
      • Eucharistic Adoration: Adrian Eldridge
      • Liturgical Art & Environment: Joan Pobjoy
      • Communion to the Sick: Mary Juratowich
      • Funeral Hospitality: Linda McCorley
      • Children's Liturgy: Jocelyn Lysaght
      • Baptism Ministry: Rosanna Tumelty
      • Sacramental Program: Rosanna Tumelty
      • RCIA: Darlene Malone
      • Ecumenical Ministry: Joan Pobjoy
      • Rosters: Annette Baker & Trevor Smith
      • Helping Hands: Jan Imarisio

      Parish Priest: Fr Graham Gatehouse PP.
      Deacon: Rev Tim Shanahan.
      Hospital Chaplaincy: Please contact priest on the emergency number below or you local Parish.
      Emergency Contact:
      To contact a priest in an emergency please use the 24 hour answering service: 07 3836 3221 and leave a contact number with the operator.

      Other Agencies

      The following can be contacted directly:
      • Family Connections: Tracey Langford,.
      • Outside School Hours Care: Kim La Spina, 3367 6396.
      • St Vincent de Paul Centre in Rigby Street, Nambour.
      • St Joseph's Parish School: Principal Ms Michelle Young. Phone: (07) 5441 9222
      • St John's College: Principal Mr Chris Gold. Phone: (07) 5441 5666. The College is an Archdiocesan owned and run school.
      • Good Samaritan Catholic College, Bli Bli: Principal Greg Myers. Phone: The College is an Archdiocesan owned and run school.
      • Centacare Catholic Family Community Services has a counselling service each week in the Nambour Community Centre. Inquiries can be made by ringing the Maroochydore office (07) 5479 4755.

      St Joseph's Community Centre

      The Rooms of the Community Centre are available for Parish activities and others on application.
      Please phone the Parish Office 5441 1034.
      The Ryan Room is available for Parish acti
      vities and others on application.
      Please phone the Parish Office 5441 1034.

      Good Samaritan Centre

      Ukrainian Catholic Rite

      Mass is held at 4.00pm on the Second Sunday of each month at St Josephs.

      For details contact the Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Protection in Brisbane:
      Administrator: Fr Stefan Sapun. Parish Priest: Fr Jarko Pasok, Tel/Fax (07) 3391 6004
      Assistant: Fr Danilo Novak, Tel/Fax (07) 3391 7243
      Sr Cecilia Fystor SSMI, Tel/Fax (07) 3391 7007.

      Sacrament of Reconciliation

        First Rite:
      Saturdays: 4.30 pm.
      Wednesdays: 9.30 am (before the 10.00 am Mass)
        Second Rite:
      During Advent and Lent a communal rite is celebrated. Times will be announced a few weeks in advance.